James W. Smith
Consultant/Inspirational Speaker

The Ethics and Mental Health sessions were very interesting, thought provoking and practical.  It was very therapeutic.  Excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Michael S. Williamson, Williamson Law Firm

Goldsboro, NC 


Depth of discussion was excellent.  Topics are definitely needed by all bar members.

Natarlin Best, Lawrence, Best & Associates, P.A. 

Rocky Mount, NC


What was most helpful about the sessions was James Smith's discussion about depression and small changes that occurr in one's life like being tired or being late or consumed thoughts.

Carolyn Carson

Durham, NC


James W. Smith has a powerful testimony that is helpful to provide insights when performing your own self evaluation.

Steven B. DeCillis, DeCillis & Turrentine, PLLC

Henderson, NC


The session helped me to realize that each of us must deal with our own demons, issues and weaknesses.  It was well presented with good pace and with encouragement for feedback from attendees.

David Wood

Danbury, NC


In general, the Ethics and Mental Health sessions were excellent.  My expectations were 100% accomplished and James W. Smith's presentation was interesting.

Gerald C. Parker

Greensboro, NC


What was most helpful about either of the sessions was the honesty and the self-reflection aspect.  We all need to be reminded that we aren't invincible and that we need help.

Caroline Stater Burnette, Stainback, Satterwhite, Burnette & Zollicoffer, PLLC

Henderson, NC


The small setting allowed me to enteract more than I have at any other seminar.  Excellent talk about self-reflection.

David Scott Reilly, Reilly Law Office

Newton, NC

In general, the Ethics and Mental Health sessions were excellent and I found the practical application most helpful.

Samuel Roberti, Roberti, Wittenburg, Lauffer & Wicker, PA

Durham, NC


The personal touch made this CLE stand out for me.  Dr. Smith's presentation was interesting and the sessions were excellent.

Camilla Davis, Bourlon & Davis

Durham, NC


The Ethics and Mental health sessions were excellent with personal dialogue with the speaker.  It was the best mental health and ethics session I have ever attended.

John G. Briggs, III, Lewis, Deese & Nance, LLP

Fayetteville, NC